What is our timeline?

It generally takes approximately 9-12 months to complete the adoption process. First, we will need to complete our home study, file for USCIS approval and prepare our dossier for Kyrgyzstan (about 3-5 months). Kyrgyz law requires us to make a trip to the country to verify selection of a child and fulfill a mandatory 10-day bonding requirement. Both parents will then return to U.S. Approximately 6-8 weeks later, we will return to Kyrgyzstan for our adoption court hearing. It is possible just for one of us to travel, but I doubt this since Jamie is not a fan of flying and neither of us are crazy about the idea of Brianna going alone to another country. This trip is about 3-4 days. After the court hearing, it takes 30 days for the court ruling to be finalized. We will need to return to Kyrgyzstan approximately 4-5 weeks later to finish the adoption process and bring our little girl home!!! This third trip is normally 10-12 days in duration, including a short trip to Almaty, Kazakhstan (about a 4-hour drive from Bishkek) to obtain an immigrant visa at the U.S. Embassy. Then we can fly home directly from Almaty.

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