What are the costs?

The costs are huge, but will be so worth it! Here's what our estimates are.

Fees for our adoption

Home study agency fees:
o   Pre-application fee                                          $50
o   Application fee                                                 $150
o   Education fee                                                   $50
o   Home Study fees                                              $3,350
o   Out of agency coordinator fee                      $300
o   Misc., training, background checks              $600
o   Post visit fees                                                    $600
o   Total                                                      $5,100
Adopting agency fees:
o   Application                                                       $500
o   Initial Program Fee                                         $1,500
o   Dossier Registration Phase                            $6,000
o   Referral Phase                                                  $6,000
o   Court Phase                                                      $8,000
o   Dossier Authentication                                   $750
o   Dossier Translation                                         $1,500
o   I-600A                                                                $890
o   Child’s Immigrant Visa                                    $230
o   Child’s Medical                                                 $130
o   Airfare                                                                $6,000
o   Lodging, Driver, Interpreter                           $3,000
o   Food                                                                   $1,000
o   Total                                                      $35,500

 Grand total estimate                              $40,600


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