Tuesday, December 2, 2014

One tiny step closer!

We were able to tell both sides of our family about our adoption over the weekend! Funny how nervous I was! Today we went and got our fingerprinting done for our FBI background checks so we can get that part sent off. It's supposed to be one of the longest parts, so hopefully they get it done quickly!!! This Saturday we are going to our training. It is an ALL day thing and it is 2 1/2 hours away so the kids will be staying with Grandma and Grandpa! They are pretty excited! Hopefully #4 won't be expecting us to bring him home a sister. He has it all planned out in his head. G and G are going to stay with him and his brothers while mom and dad get on a plane and bring his sister home. He was ready to pack his bags 3 weeks ago when we first told them! It's finally starting to sink in that it's going to take a bit longer ;-)

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