Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Update on applications and contracts

We have officially signed with our International adoption agency as well as our home study agency! Since we are using an agency outside of our state to handle the actual adoption, we will need to have a licensed Hague accredited agency specific to South Dakota. Our adopting agency is Nightlight Christian Adoption Agency from Colorado and our home study agency is New Horizons Adoption Agency. Nightlight approved our application on November 4th and now all of our contracts and first payments have been sent into both agencies. Every step feels so HUGE! We should be getting a TON of paperwork in the mail in the coming days which will keep us busy for quite a while!! We have talked about the possibility of adoption with the boys a few times, but 2 nights ago told them officially! Son #4 was the most excited :-) We told them all to keep it secret for a little bit until we can tell the rest of our families on Thanksgiving.... Well, Son #4 couldn't wait! The next morning he told our friend that takes them to school and then his preschool class later that day. So far only a couple of our friends know that we are this far into the process. Everyone else that knows are the other families adopting from Kyrgyzstan!! I'm excited for Thanksgiving! (I'm terrible at keeping in good news!)

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